As you may know, in these last days, Christians all over the world will be heavily pursued, persecuted, and put to death.  You can best believe that Satan is preparing his army for battle.  As Christians, we must not sit back complacently, as though we do not believe the word of God and all the devastating things He said would come in these end times, but as Jesus told us, we must KEEP WATCH and BE READY for them.  We have got to stop arguing about times and dates (when the rapture/end/second coming would take place), and who the anti-Christ will be, and simply BE PREPARED TO SURVIVE THE DEVASTATION.  In order for us to stand, we MUST unite, plan, and speak the same language.

The Lord said, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them"- Ge 11:6.

Just like God told Noah about His plan for building the ark, He told Dr. Jacqueline Lawrence His TOP SECRET plan of survival for His saints in these perilous end times, which she very passionately shares with Christian churches, ministries, families and individuals all over the globe.  For more information about getting on board with other believers to prepare for the end of days, email us to schedule your FREE HEAVENLY SKYWAYS CONFERENCE or CONSULTATION with  End Time Advisor, Dr. Jacqueline Lawrence, who will:

1.  Explain the need for Christians to unite to make plans to survive the end times and the importance of keeping watch and being ready for the things to come.
2.  Parabolically reveal God's profound, prophetic, TOP SECRET requirement for end time believers
Teach the universal language we all need to speak (as one people) so that we will become united and nothing will be impossible for us.
4.  Provide planning and consultation in preparation for the end times.